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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • Unusual Uses | Rubber Cord

    Over the years we've realised our products can be used for pretty much anything. Whilst we might supply our products with a general purpose in mind, it's always fascinating to hear how our customers have used them in unpredictable ways. So to continue our unusual uses blog series, we've collected the weird and wonderful ways our customers have utilised our rubber cord.

    Fixing Primary Chain Case Oil Leaks

    Rubber cord to seal Primary Chain Case 1953 Norton 'Dominator'

    Firstly, a niche problem for vintage motorbike enthusiasts. Older motorcycle models use a primary chain that connects the engine to the transmission. Since it requires a good amount of oil lubricant, the primary chain case encloses the chain and oil. This can be problematic as the seal can become worn over time resulting in oil leakage. A review left by an anonymous customer detailed how they sealed the primary chain case on their 1953 Norton 'Dominator'. They used trail and error for the correct size and ended up fitting our Neoprene Sponge Cord 12mm Diameter. In their own words getting an oil tight seal was "No mean achievement" - Great work!

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  • The Best Adhesive | Rubber Flooring Installation

    The correct adhesive is a crucial first step to ensure great durability and the best quality finish for your brand new flooring. However, this is a specialist job so please ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly. For further recommendations read our flooring guide and contact us if you have questions.

    The type of adhesive you are looking to use depends upon the application and type of flooring. We would generally recommend the following...



    Flat surface not in contact with water or moisture – MAPEI VS90 Acrylic Perfect for any dry space such as a garage, office or hallway.

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  • Unusual Uses | O-rings

    It's always great to hear how our products have been put to an unconventional use. Over the years we've been told that our components have been just the ticket to solve many creative problems. As a result, we wanted to showcase some of the innovative ways our customers have redesigned the use of our products. Starting with the highly versatile O-ring.

    Scandinavian Style Lampshades

    Red Kite Designs All credit to Red Kite Designs for their handmade "Blade" Lampshade.

    Firstly, from the heart of Wales, Red Kite Designs have used our EPDM O-rings to hold the 'waist' of their wooden lampshades. The design is created using precision cutting and no glue whatsoever. While saving the seals from a hard life of 120°C temperature extremes and break fluid systems - phew! You can view the rest of Red Kite Design's handmade items through their website or follow their Facebook Page.

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  • Bathroom Rubber Flooring | 60 Minute Makeover

    It's official! We are suppliers for Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover

    It's fantastic to be able to help such a rewarding programme. For those out of the loop, contestants are nominated by friends and family to have their home completely redesigned in 60 minutes. Peter Andre steers the ship, presenting the programme whilst keeping everyone motivated during the build.

    We were approached by the designers of the show to help them find a quick and easy bathroom flooring solution, and our Circa Pro range was the first thing to come to mind. We cannot give away any more details until the show airs. So be sure to catch it on Quest Red at 7pm on Tuesday 20th February 2018.

    (Quest Red is on Freeview 38, Freesat 169, Sky 162, Virgin 215 and BT TV 38)

    Stay up to date by following us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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