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What is the Best Flooring for a Workshop?

Garage Flooring

Helping You Choose the Best Workshop Floor

Your workshop is where the magic happens, whether your an avid hobbyist working from your garage or a large business producing an industry-leading product.  Your work area needs to be a safe, clean and comfortable place to carry out tasks.

Installing new flooring is the easiest way to transform the look and practicality of your workspace and Polymax's range of workshop flooring comes with added benefits. Although standard concrete may be a solid and durable choice our range offers this, with the addition of anti-slip properties, chemical and oil resistance, scratch-resistant coatings and helps to absorb sound and impact.

We offer a variety of patterns, styles and sizes ensuring we will be able to supply the flooring you require, the following steps will help you find yours.

Tiles or Rolls?

This is a common question asked by many of our customers and it is often answered by knowing the dimensions and primary use of the area you would like to cover along with an idea of how you would like the space to look. Below we have noted the benefits of both:

Workshop Floor Tiles

  • Simple to fit, DIY style 
  • Minimal cutting to fit the required area
  • Interlocking ability
  • Does not require adhesive/tape
  • Easy to replace individual tiles
  • Thick / Heavy Duty options
  • Mix and Match Colours

Workshop Flooring Rolls

  • Very Cost-effective
  • Less joins meaning a cleaner finish
  • Suitable for permanent areas
  • Large range of colours and patterns
  • Available in NR/SBR or PU/PVR Materials

Which Pattern and Material Should You Choose?

So, you've decided on whether tiles or rolls are the best option for your workshop. Now, the finish and style of your flooring is what will make your workspace both aesthetically pleasing and a nice place to carry out tasks, we offer a wide range of patterns and materials from the industrial-style checker plate to the sophisticated fine ribbed matting. You're sure to find the flooring your workshop needs. 

Checker Plate Effect

DIAMEX STD workshop flooring DIAMEX STD - Black

Our CHECK PRO and DIAMEX PRO are made from PU/PVR (hardwearing and oil resistant) material giving industrial look and feel to your workspace, this material also has a scratch-resistant coating meaning the 'new' look of your flooring can be maintained. 

The CHEK STD and DIAMEX STD Rolls are made from an NR/SBR material meaning they boast high tear strength and UV stability, insulation from cold concrete floors and have specialized anti-fatigue qualities. This flooring tends to be used in domestic, industrial or commerical work areas, ideal for when you or fellow workers are on your feet for long periods of time.

If interlocking tiles are the way forward for you the DIAMEX LOK are a superb cost-effective alternative to the VIGOR tiles meaning you can benefit from a lot of the properties whilst saving some cash, these tiles are hollow and do not benefit from being able to withstand heavy goods vehicles such as forklifts like the VIGOR, they are also available in black only.

Circa / Studded Effect

VIGOR interlocking workshop floor tiles VIGOR Tiles in Light Grey

If you're going for a stylish, modern approach for your workshop, use our Circa range of stud effect flooring. Not only does this range have an incredibly sleek design it is also anti-slip and hardwearing making it, not only easy on the eye but perfectly practical too.

As with the Checker Plate range, we also offer this pattern in both PRO (PU/PVR material) and STD (NR/SBR). The CIRCA PRO range having similar properties to that of the CHECK PRO and DIAMEX PRO however the CIRCA PRO is also available in 7 different colours meaning you can match it to the decor in the rest of your space. 

VIGOR Tiles- These premium tiles are available in a variety of colours and with a morphic (Smooth orange peel effect) surface. Produced from extremely hard wearing and 100% recyclable PVC, you are able to lay these down on uneven or damp surfaces. They’re also easy to maintain with the choice of adding ramped edges to eliminate the risk of tripping. These tiles are often used in warehouses, where heavy goods vehicles such as forklifts are commonly present, due to their ability to withstand upto 3.5 tonnes of weight.

Ribbed Effect

VIDA PRO Workshop Flooring Roll VIDA PRO in Blue

VIDA STD and VIDA PRO have a broad ribbed effect on the surface meaning it is easy to sweep and clean when working with the grooves, these deep grooves also mean the floor excels in the anti-slip and safety department making it ideal for a working area. If you would prefer a slightly thinner groove thickness then look no further than our FINA STD and FINA PRO ranges, benefiting from all the characteristics of the VIDA but with a thinner groove pattern.

Please remember if you have any questions or queries about our flooring or finding the most suitable flooring for you, please contact our sales team.

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