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Rubber Buffers | Door Stops | Rubber Fenders | Polymax UK

Rubber D-Fenders, Rubber Buffers and Bumpers at Polymax Ltd

Rubber Feet | Dock Bumpers | Rubber Wall Bumpers

We offer a large selection of rubber bumpers, fenders and buffers. From small stick on rubber feet, to door stops and large heavy duty D-fenders. Protect walls, surfaces and vehicles with our economic bumper solutions. Suitable for use in marine harbours as boat fenders and dock bumpers.

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Rubber D-Type fenders

Polymax D-Fenders are used to absorb the force of impact or the kinetic energy when a vessel makes contact with a jetty or quay.

Cylindrical Bumpers
Rubber Bumpers at Polymax

Hard wearing rubbers stoppers suitable for a range of general applications.

Oval Buffers
Oval Shaped Bumpers at Polymax

Two bolt hole rubber bump stops suitable for use on lorries, vans, ramps, loading bays and doors.

Rectangular Buffers
Rectangular Buffers at Polymax

Our collection of rectangular shaped rubber buffers for use on lorries, vans, ramps, loading bays and doors.

Conical Rubber Bumpers
Conical Fenders at Polymax

Our conical rubber bumpers will suit applications that require a taller spacer or buffer.

Rubber Bump Stops
Rubber Bump Stops at Polymax

Great for creating a reliable buffer stop for a variety of general applications.

D-Type Bumpers
D-Type Rubber Bumpers at Polymax

The D-Type bumper is ideal for docking bays, trucks and boats. A progressive buffer that is hollow cored. Comes with predrilled holes for fixings.

Dock Bumpers
Dock Bumpers available at Polymax

Collection of dock bumper solutions to prevent damage to loading bay traffic areas.

Tipper Pads
Tipper Pads Available at Polymax

A large collection of tipper pads used to protect the chassis of tipping lorries.

Mud Flaps
Mud Flaps Available at Polymax

Durable Tyrecord Hi-Fibre mud flaps are suitable for HGV's, trucks, trailers, lorries and cars.

Fixing Bolts and Strips
Fixing bolts for various applications

Fixing bolts, washers and strips for various applications.