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Unusual Uses | O-rings

It's always great to hear how our products have been put to an unconventional use. Over the years we've been told that our components have been just the ticket to solve many creative problems. As a result, we wanted to showcase some of the innovative ways our customers have redesigned the use of our products. Starting with the highly versatile O-ring.

Scandinavian Style Lampshades

Red Kite Designs All credit to Red Kite Designs for their handmade "Blade" Lampshade.

Firstly, from the heart of Wales, Red Kite Designs have used our EPDM O-rings to hold the 'waist' of their wooden lampshades. The design is created using precision cutting and no glue whatsoever. While saving the seals from a hard life of 120°C temperature extremes and break fluid systems - phew! You can view the rest of Red Kite Design's handmade items through their website or follow their Facebook Page.

Pull Along Caterpillar

pull-along-caterpiller-orings Chris Graves made for his granddaughter for Christmas

This was a nice surprise to arrive in our inbox. Chris Graves lovingly made this little guy for his Granddaughter at Christmas.

He said, "I'm pretty familiar with 'O-rings' in sealing applications and thought this would give the caterpillar traction on shiny floors. Seems to work a treat - granddaughter delighted!".


Beekeeping Equipment


From the handmade to hand reared, surprisingly we help serve the beekeeping community. Beekeepers often come to us to replace the worn out seals in their honey gate values. As a general rule, we recommend an FDA material for seals that come into contact with food substance. Otherwise, if you are happy to use a standard material, Nitrile is an economic and durable alternative. To find the best fit we recommend that you measure your existing seal against our O-ring diagram. You can then use the calculator to find your match in our system.


Have you used one of our products in an unusual way? Perhaps as part of a creative solution to an everyday problem? We'd love to feature you on our blog, email us at or message our Facebook page to get involved.






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