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Silicone O-rings


Silicone (VMQ) rubber contains methyl and vinyl groups attached to the main silicone chain. Silicone O-rings are characterised by excellent resistance to temperature extremes and thermal cycling. Silicone rubber compound does not impart odour or taste, which makes it suitable for many food and pharmaceutical applications.

Silicone rubber however, has poor mechanical properties as compared to other elastomers and for this reason silicone O-rings are generally not used in dynamic applications. It is not suitable for use with silicone O-ring lubrication, PTFE alternatives should be used instead.


Temperature Range

  • Up to 200°C (Intermittant)
  • Down to -40°C
  • Recommended temperature range -20°C to +180°C

    Chemical resistance

    • Dry heat
    • High - aniline point oils
    • Chlorinated DI - phenyls
    • Food processing applications
    • Excellent ozone resistance.
    • Water (Low temperature only)

    Not compatible with:
    • Most Petroleum fluids
    • Ketones (MEK, Acetone)


Non-standards & Approvals

We are able to supply specially compounded O-rings. Contact us for further information +44 (0)14204 72000.


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