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Trapezium Dock Bumpers 2 Fixings

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Quick Overview

The standard 2-hole dock bumper design, available in a variety of sizes and materials.
Polymax Trapezium Buffer (2 Fixings)
31 31
31 31
60 60
38.5 38.5
54 54
Article No. Profile Drawing A B C D E F G H I M Price Qty
6009405 Trapezium Dock Bumper 2 Fixings NRSBR 330L x 250W x 100H 330250100275200180542250NR/
6010884 Trapezium Dock Bumper 2 Fixings TPX 330L x 250W x 100H 330250100275200175542250TPX
6004102 Trapezium Dock Bumper 2 Fixings NRSBR 448L x 248W x 145H 448248145406203254753150NR/
6004100 Trapezium Dock Bumper 2 Fixings NRSBR 450L x 250W x 100H 450250100450250250752850NR/
6004101 Trapezium Dock Bumper 2 Fixings TPX 450L x 250W x 100H 450250100450250250752850TPX


These dock bumpers or dock buffers come in the standard sizes making them suitable for replacing worn parts. They can be attached directly to the vehicle or along the main contact points of the dock leveller or loading bay. Available in a trapezium design or with a straight edge. Choose between the standard NR/SBR rubber or the durable Tyrecord Hi-Fibre TPX rubber. Tyrecord Hi-Fibre material is an extremely strong and durable rubber made using a non-vulcanised tyre compound with nylon or rayon reinforcing fibres. Please note, our 330mm length dock bumpers have no matching front or back plates.

These dock bumpers have matching accessories-

For the 6004102 Dock Bumper

For the 6004100 & 6004101

Additional Information

Colour Black
Hardness (Shore A) 75
Density (g/cm³) 1.9
Maximum Temperature (°C) 70
Minimum Temperature (°C) -15
Tensile Strength (MPa) 4
Elongation at break (%) 200
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.

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