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Plastic Feet

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Quick Overview

Fixed plastic feet used in many applications including food processing units, packing systems and conveyor systems.
5.9 5.9
4.6 4.6
4.8 4.8
Article No. A B D F H1 Static
Metal Price Qty
PF4016M1050 165040.0000M1069500.0000Mild Steel
PF4016M850 165040.0000M869500.0000Mild Steel
PF5020M850 205050.0000M873600.0000Mild Steel


The plastic foot base is made of a black polyamide material reinforced with fibre glass. These mounts are available in both mild and stainless steel depending on the application requirements. With a 30-degree articulation these feet are capable of levelling machinery situated on uneven surfaces.

Static load tests are calculated at half of the screw length. If the application features vibrations or dynamic loads these values should be reduced accordingly.

On special request, Polymax can supply these mounts with a non-slid NBR rubber plate and/or a steel nut. Please contact us for further information.

Basic Calculation Of Static Load

To calculate the static load of a single rubber levelling mount for a machine where the load is distributed over the mounts, divide the load of the structure by the number of levelling feet.

Total Weight of Machine
Number of feet

In the case where the machine or structure has a dynamic load, we suggest that you double the total weight of the structure to gain security.

Total Weight of Machine X2
Number of feet

If the machine will have an operator on the structure we suggest adding 150kg per operator to the load capacity of each mount.

Total Weight of Machine

------------------------------------- (+150kgs X No. Operators)

Number of feet

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material Polymide/Fibre Glass