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Adjustable Feet, Levelling Feet & Heavy Duty Machine Feet | Polymax UK

Range of specialised adjustable feet and levelling feet used to isolate vibration in heavy machinery. We manufacture the highest quality anti-vibration mounts, available in a variety of rubber shore hardnesses and metal compounds including stainless steel adjustable feet. These machine mounts are typically used in food, agricultural and chemical industries. Specialised heavy-duty adjustable feet and heavy-duty levelling feet available at Polymax.
Levelling feet designed to give optimal results though their 5-10 degree axis tilt. Thread sizes M10/M12/M14/M16. Static loads from 400kg to 3000kg per mount.
Articulated levelling feet are used to stabilise equipment and machinery on uneven surfaces.
Height adjustable mounts isolate vibration whilst aligning machinery on uneven surfaces.
Fixed plastic feet used in many applications including food processing units, packing systems and conveyor systems.
Made from 65 Shore Rubber. Good properties for reduce low and medium frequencies. Wide range allows optimum selection for individual machines.
Flanged mounting which uses rubber in shear and compression. Ideal for where a fail-safe mounting is essential.
Made from 65 Shore Rubber. Good properties for reduce low and medium frequencies. Food, agricultural and chemical industries.
Heavy duty adjustable feet in M12/M16/M20 load rating from 600 kg to 3000 kg per mount. For use in lathes, machining centres, milling machines etc.
AD shear compression mounts, designed to achieve high damping under compressive loads.
The FMD mount is a specially designed machinery foot, capable of isolating a greater range of frequencies than standard foot mount.