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Polymax SILO-CELL - Red Silicone Sponge Sheet

Not Available to Buy Online - Please contact us for more information.

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Quick Overview

Expanded closed cell silicone sponge offers many of performance benefits of solid silicone in a softer and more compliant form.

Other densities available, may be subject to minimum order quantities

Article No. Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
1001614 100010001.5
1001615 100010002
1001616 100010003
1001617 100010004
1001618 100010005
1001619 100010006
1001620 100010008
1001621 1000100010
1001622 1000100012
1001623 1000100015
1001624 1000100020
1001625 1000100025
1001626 1000100030



Polymax Silicone rubber sponge sheet is the preferred choice of medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Most commercially available silicone sponge products are made from gum based polydimethylsiloxane (PMDS). The polymer is chemically expanded when heat cured to create the closed cell sponge structure. Closed cell means that the cells are non-interconnecting; therefore they do not allow water to wick through the sponge. Generally, silicone sponges have superior mechanical properties and are considered to have a complete closed cell structure.

Expanded closed cell silicone sponge offers many of performance benefits of solid silicone in a softer and more compliant form.

Key Benefits of Closed Cell Silicone Sponge

  •  Wide operating temperature - silicone sponge has a temperature range of -73°C to 200°C
    We sell a high temperature version for use up to 270ºC, please contact a member of the sales team for more information

  •  Water sealing – the closed cell structure allows for good water sealing with relatively low compressive forces.

  • Compression set resistance – silicone offers excellent compression set resistance (ability to rebound to original thickness), especially at higher temperatures, compared to most rubber material. Low compression set silicone sponges are available for even better performance than general purpose grades.

  • UV and ozone resistance – silicone products have excellent UV and ozone resistance due in part to their inorganic backbone. This provides long term performance.

  • Rugged – when silicone is required, silicone sponge parts are more durable than some other products openly available.

  • Outdoor gasketing – considering all the above benefits, silicone sponge is a good material choice for outdoor environments, from the arctic to the desert.

Typical or common uses of silicone sponge are namely gaskets, cushioning and sealing, but have been known to be used in many other applications. 

Polymax silicone sheets are available in 1 metre widths and can be bought in a 10 metre roll or cut to varying lengths of full 1 metre. Colours include; white, red oxide and black and come in a range of thicknesses between 1.5mm and 30mm and also varying densities.

Please ring an advisor if you need more advice on colour options and availability.

Additional Information

Colour Red
Material Silicone (VMQ)
Maximum Temperature (°C) 200
Minimum Temperature (°C) -70
Density (kg/m³) 250.00
Tensile Strength (MPa) 1.2
Elongation at break (%) 200
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.

Further Information (File Downloads)