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FEP Encapsulated O Rings | FEP Gaskets & Seals | Polymax UK

FEP Encapsulated O Rings

FEP Encapsulated O-Rings

An encapsulated O-ring comprises an elastomer energising core, which has a seamless jacket made from fluoropolymer. The elastomeric core may be Fluorocarbon (Viton/FPM or Silicone). The jacket is made from Teflon® F.E.P. (Fluorinated - ethylene - propylene).

Why are Encapsulated 'O-Rings needed?

There are certain applications which prohibit the use of conventional rubber O-ring Seals. The use of hostile chemicals or extreme temperature (both high and low) during various processes can make effective sealing very difficult. The main advantage Encapsulated 'O-Rings have over solid P.T.F.E. is that it has the chemical inertness whilst with its energising core, the O-ring returns to its original form.

Unfortunately these are not availble to buy online, Please phone us on 01420 474123 for availability

FEP Viton (or FPM) temperature range -20°C to 204°C

FEP Silicone temperature range -60°C to 204°C

Recommended for use in:

  • Chemical Processing and Production
  • Oil Extraction (on shore and off shore)
  • Petrochemical Refining
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Food and Drink Processing
  • Paint and Die Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery
  • Automotive Components
  • Aerospace Engineering

Not Recommended for:

  • Where the housing design requires excessive stretch or collapse of the O-ring during installation.