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KPN-Type Pedestal Anti vibration Mount

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Quick Overview

Suitable for: - Static generators - Pumps - Compressors - Heavy machinery - Engine mounts for off road vehicles - Packaging isolators for equipment transportation - Vibrators - Concrete compactors etc.
KPN-Type Pedestal Anti vibration Mount
Article No. D H GxZ A F L W T D1 Max Load
KPN12750M12/2 7550M12X3710012.4127763702505
KPN12750M12/2CD 7550M12X3710012.4127763705005
KPN12750M12F/2 7550M1210012.4127763702505
KPN12750M12FCR/2CD 7550M1210012.4127763705005
KPN22064M20F/1.5 12564M2018018X242201464768005
KPN22064M20F/1.5CD 12564M2018018X2422014647613505
KPN22064M20F/2CD 12564M2018018X2422014647616004
KPN22064M20F/3CD 12564M2018018X2422014647620004


The KPN Pedestal mount is designed for use on alternators and static generators. Comes in natural rubber as standard but is also available in neoprene for applications where the mount is subjected to fuel contamination.


  • Available with male stud or female thread fixing hole
  • Very simple mount with two flange hole fixings
  • Low Cost

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material Natural Rubber (NR)
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.