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KPX Marine Leaf Spring Mount

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Quick Overview

  • The spaces between the leaves are filled with a specially developed damping compound.
Article No. Rating
Bolt Weight
KPX897 6B4 - 6758225.00M80.13
KPX898 6S5.4 - 10.810711430.00M80.45
KPX899 6A4 - 6738225.00M80.13
KPX900 109 - 1810711451.00M80.68
KPX901 209 - 1810611451.00M80.8
KPX902 4535 - 5512413351.00M121.02
KPX903 7055 - 9012413351.00M121.13
KPX904 11090 - 13512213351.00M121.25
KPX905 180135 - 250185190102.00M205.9
KPX906 320250 - 380186190102.00M206.58
KPX907 450380 - 550184190102.00M207.26
KPX908 455380 - 55020020951.00M207.2
KPX909 150135 - 17512213451.00M121.25


The Type KPX mount employs two or more leaf springs used in opposing pairs to form an elliptical leaf spring assembly. The spaces between the leaves are filled with a specially developed damping compound.

There are eight standard sizes of KPX mount giving a load range of between 9 and 550 kg. These sizes are divided into three sub-groups based on their dimensions, with groups one and two being 51 mm (2") wide and group three being 102 mm (4") wide: 10 and 20; 45 70 110; 180 320 450.

The standard range has been augmented to provide a wider load range and different options based upon the physical size of the mounts.

Approved by the MoD for Naval use these mounts were designed and developed primarily to protect delicate electronic equipment against shock. They are also used in submarines for suspension and elimination of noise in confined spaces. In addition, they are used in engineering applications throughout industry, giving protection against starting torques, overload surges etc.

The KPX mount provides a space efficient shock mount design, which has unrivalled levels of damping. It also provides vibration isolation, not normally a feature of other shock mounts.

The Type KPX mount can be installed in any orientation allowing equipment to be mounted to the deck, bulkhead, or deck head. Combinations can also be used where equipment geometry requires it e.g. equipment mounted to the deck and to the bulkhead.

The KPX mount uses a simple single bolt fixing method on each side of the mount which facilitates the installation of the equipment on board ship.

Additional Information

Material Stainless Steel

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