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Polymax DM Rectangular Mounts

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Quick Overview

The Rectangular Mounts is designed as hard rubber stops and damper for static equipment.
Polymax DM Rectangular Mounts
Article No. L
Drilled / Undrilled Price Qty
Buffer Rect 84mm x 20mm x 19mm (Drilled) DM8419M6-2 84463219696.7Drilled
Buffer Rect 180mm x 75mm x 34mm DM18034-3 15011675291806.7Drilled Not available online - Please call for details.
Rect. Buffer 156x37x25mm 13mm holes 60 ShA NR DM15637M12-2 15689643712713.5Drilled
Buffer Rect 180mmx 75mm x 50mm DM18050-3 18011675501506.7Drilled Not available online - Please call for details.
Rect. Buffer 273x75x25mm M16 holes 60 ShA NR DM27325M16-2 273203762524116.7Drilled
Buffer Rect 355mm x 75mm x 44mm DM35544-3 3552907544--Undrilled Not available online - Please call for details.


Rubber pads consist of a bottom steel plate with rubber bonded, that are designed to take a direct force and are a low-cost solution to absorbing shock and vibration. The rubber Polymax pads are available in a range of sizes to help provide protection against unwanted shock.

  • Low cost budget
  • Flat plate buffer with 1 or 2 holes for fixing
  • Efficient design

  • Rear Bump stops for Tipper trailers
  • Machinery Hard stops
  • Agricultural Applications

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material Natural Rubber (NR)
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.

Further Information (File Downloads)