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Failsafe KPUM Rubber Mounting

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Quick Overview

The KPUM Universal mount is ideal for use on:
  • engines
  • transmission
  • mobile applications
  • vehicle cabs.

    • Maximum loads can be found in more details.
Universal Mounts KPUM
Article No. F
Price Qty
Universal Mount 32mm X 32mm KPUM3232M10-0-MOD 10322019.312/7.551032
Modified Universal Mounting M10 60 Sh A Chloroprene KPUM3232M10-2-MOD 10322019.312/7.551032
Universal Mount 32x32 M10 50 ShA Chloroprene St. Steel KPUM3232M10-CRSS-1.5 10322019.312/13101032
Universal Mount 32mm X 32mm KPUM3232M10-CRSS-2 10322019.312/13101032
Universal Mount 32mm X 32mm KPUM3232M10-CRSS-3.5 10322019.312/13101032
Universal Mount 52mm X 47mm KPUM4752M14-1 144731.7631.75201413.652
Universal Mount 52mm X 47mm KPUM4752M14-2 14473331.75201423.752
Universal Mount 52mm X 47mm KPUM4752M14.2-CR-3 14473331.7520141652
Universal Mount 63mm X 64mm KPUM6463M16-1 16644038.123221663
Universal Mount 63mm X 64mm KPUM6463M16-2 16644038.123221663


The KPUM Universal mount is ideal for use on engines, transmission, mobile applications and vehicle cabs.

  • Available in natural rubber or neoprene as standard, other compounds available on request
  • Consists of two parts; a rubber ring and a rubber bush bonded to a central metal spacer
  • Load range from 40kg to 500kg
  • Dynamic vertical movement is restricted and excellent stability is provided horizontally
  • Dynamic efficiency in all directions
  • Mount can accommodate marginal distortion and misalignment
  • Operating temperature range from -30 deg. C to 100 deg. C
  • Easy to installation and low cost
  • Stainless steel version available on request
  • Engines and transmission
  • Transformers
  • Cab mounting
  • Mobile equipment
  • Vibrating handle isolators/railings on heavy machinery
  • Shock isolators for tool compartments on vehicles
  • Suspension of air conditioning units

Find the number within the Article Number to correspond with the shore hardness. For example: KPUM3232M10-0-MOD look up '0'
Hardness (Shore A)
Code Shore A
0 35
1 45
1.5 50
2 60
3 70
3.5 75

Maximum Load (kg)
Article No. 45ShA 60ShA
KPUM3232 40 113
KPUM3232M 35 100
KPUM4752 79 172
KPUM6463 159 390
KPUM9075 231 531

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material Natural Rubber (NR)
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.

Further Information (File Downloads)