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Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet, Stick on Rubber Feet & Sticky Rubber Pads | Polymax UK

These self-adhesive rubber feet can be used for all sorts of applications. Use them as replacement rubber feet for your gadgets such as as laptop rubber stick on feet, rubber tripod feet or speaker feet. We offer variations that work well as cabinet door bumpers or drawer bumpers to stop doors banging when closed.

These self-adhesive rubber feet are made from 100% polyurethane which outperforms other materials like felt, foam, silicone or plastics. Our polyurethane does not contain any fillers, oils or plasticisers and thus these rubber feet will not stain or scratch any surface. The high performance adhesive backing has a “quick peel” lining for effortless application. Our sticky feet can be used to protect surfaces against slamming, scuffing, vibration and noise. They are sold by the sheet.

Rounded, dome-shaped bumper feet or door bumper. Our smallest sizes are available in this style. Adhesive backed.

Circular shape with a central recess. Suitable for a stick on door stop or wall mounted door stop. Adhesive backed.

Circular, flat topped and non-skid sticky rubber pads. Provide stability and prevent movement when in use. Adhesive backed.

Cone-shaped small rubber feet with rounded tips. These are the tallest in the range. Adhesive backed.

Square, flat-topped stick on rubber feet with a tapered profile that provides the largest surface contact area in the range. Adhesive backed.