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Polymax Black PVC D-Fender

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Quick Overview

Polymax rubber D Fenders Delta Profile fenders have a higher energy absorption capacity and hollow section to help absorb impacts as compared to similar sized cylindrical fenders.

These fenders are made from PVC rubber.

Article No. Profile Drawing Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Price Qty
Polymax D-Fender 22mm X 14mm X 9m Black PVC 6009709 22149000
Polymax D-Fender 22mm X 14mm X15m Black PVC 6009710 221415000
Polymax D-Fender 22mm X 14mm X30m Black PVC 6009711 221430000
Polymax D-Fender 47mm X 28mm X5m Black PVC 6009704 47285000
Polymax D-Fender 47mm X 28mm X10m Black PVC 6009705 472810000
Polymax D-Fender 47mm X 28mm X15m Black PVC 6009706 472815000
Polymax D-Fender 47mm X 28mm X20m Black PVC 6009707 472820000
Polymax D-Fender 47mm X 28mm X30m Black PVC 6009708 472830000
Polymax D-Fender 76mm X 47mm X3m Black PVC 6009712 76473000
Polymax D-Fender 76mm X 47mm X6m Black PVC 6009713 76476000


The Rubber D Section Fenders can be floor or wall mounted making them suitable for use on boats, in warehouses, on loading bays, ramps, in commercial vehicles etc and will suit almost any internal or external application. Holes are not pre-drilled on these fenders making it versatile enough to place the holes where you prefer, these can be added at an extra cost a drawing showing size and position will be required.

Suggested fixing strip sizes for fenders are in the tale below. To view fixing strips visit Polymax PVC Fender Fixing Strips

Fender Articale Number Size of Strip Required
6009709 / 6009710 / 6009711 13 x 3 mm
6009712 / 6009713 50 x 6 mm
6009704 / 6009705 / 6009706 / 6009707 / 6009708 31 x 3mm

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material PVC
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.

Further Information (File Downloads)