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Circa Premium Rolls - B-Grade

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Quick Overview

  • Blended from hardwearing Natural Rubber (NR) and Styrene -Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
  • Anti-Slip
  • Aesthetically pleasing
    • B-Grade Material - Second Class

      Material listed in the 'B-grade' material sections are sold without warranty or a returns policy. Items listed here should be considered 'seconds' as they may contain one or all of the following: Blemishes, blooming marks, scratches or non-standard sizing. We do not know specific details about the condition of each item. Dimensions listed are +/-5%

Article No. Colour Colour Width (m) Thickness (mm) Length (m) Price per metre Qty
Polymax CIRCA Premium Lush Green, 1.2m wide x 3mm thick 1001394 Lush Green1.231
Polymax CIRCA Sunrise Red, 1.2m x 0.85m x 3mm thick SEC-0005 Sunrise Red1.230.85 Out of Stock
Polymax CIRCA Sunrise Red, 1.2m x 0.83m x 3mm thick SEC-0006 Sunrise Red1.230.83 Out of Stock
Polymax CIRCA Sage Green, 1m x 1m x 3mm thick SEC-0007 Sage Green131 Out of Stock
Polymax CIRCA Battleship Grey, 1.2m x 0.92m x 3mm thick SEC-0012 Battleship Grey1.230.92 Out of Stock
Polymax CIRCA Battleship Grey, 1m x 0.9m x 3mm thick SEC-0019 Battleship Grey130.9 Out of Stock
Polymax CIRCA Battleship Grey, 1.2m x 0.85m x 3mm thick SEC-0020 Battleship Grey1.230.85
Polymax CIRCA Battleship Grey, 1.1m x 0.9m x 3mm thick SEC-0021 Battleship Grey1.130.9 Out of Stock


Polymax CIRCA rubber flooring is ideal for large floor areas such as, kitchens, hallways and offices. It is equally as good for walkways, footbridges, vans and lorries. The distinguishing circular anti-slip, studded surface gives an aesthetically pleasing finish to any industrial, commercial or domestic setting.

If you require the circles to line up we suggest you use Circa Flooring Tiles, due to the manufacturing process the circles don't line up

If you require a Fire Retardant, scratch proof and recyclable material please view Polymax Circa Pro

Additional Information

Material NR/SBR
Roll Length (m) 10
Width (mm) 1200
Thickness (mm) 3
Hardness (Shore A) 85
Maximum Temperature (°C) 70
Minimum Temperature (°C) -10
Density (g/cm³) 1.4
Abrasion Resistance (mm³) (DIN53516) 160.0000
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.

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